Our Mission & Goal

We are a group of Christians who realize and understand the power of testimonies. The Bible is filled with testimonies and stories of great wonders. You name it the Bible discusses it all. But times have changed and now with the internet Christians can now share their stories with others. Bond with other Christians in the same situations who are seeking Christ in today’s world. God is present he is in us and works miracles every moment. This site is dedicated to having people share their testimonies so that others may learn of the grace, and glory of God, who is present today.

Who we are as individually isn’t important. What is important is that we Love Jesus so much and realize with him all things are possible. And by his dying on the cross and washing away our sins we have been giving the choice of salvation.

Share your testimonies, read about how God has helped others and boost in God. Use this as a platform to shine God’s light throughout the world. Do not keep God’s amazing wonders in your life a secret. Share them with others. It is a biblical principal to share. So share, let your light shine bright. Let the whole world know the Jesus Reigns in your life. Make a commitment to feed your testimony so that it may encourage others who seek Christ in moments that they feel lonely.


Our Mission Statement

Create a social media platform to help spread the word of Jesus Christ through testimonies.

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